Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome! The intention of my Blog is to chart my experiences gaming what has become my favourite historical period- the Early Italian wars. In particular the armies and campaigns of the "Warrior Pope"-Julius II. At a later point I shall post up good photos of my units which are in 28mm and are all mainly Foundry and Perry figures. There is some Old glory in their too. A vast majority of the figures were painted by my chum Cardinal Biggles, whose painting services i thoroughly recommend. Others were panitng by another mate, Thoran Braune and the rest by me! The overall intention is to eventually run a campaign in Italy in the first decade of the 16th century. Over the last week i have played two games one at my club using Bad War rules and the other at a mates place using a variant of Black Powder. I must say the Black Powder variant gave an extremely fun game and i think I may be going with these rules from now on! I will post up a battle report from last night later today.


  1. added you to the GVS stormer blogs, see my blog for all of the GVS members mate and add them into your side widgets.


  2. Is there more coming on your gaming of late and what you up to in painting?