Friday, October 11, 2013

My collection as it stands and plans for the future.

I sold off most of my Italian Wars collection a while ago because it was more for the 1494-1505 period and I am more partial to the 1520s- Pavia etc.
So I have restarted the collection looking for a more puffy shirt style! :)

What I plan is a quasi-imaginations Italian Wars in the 1520s. The antagonists will only be referred to as "The French King" , "The Emperor", "The Spanish King" and "The Warrior Pope" get the idea.

I am using the Pike and Shotte rulesets and the plan is to use 24 figure units for pikes, 12 figures for Heavy infantry like halberds and sword and buckler men, 8-10 figures for missile troops and 6 figures for cavalry units.
Thus far I have a unit of Landsknecht done with two units on their way to be painted soon. I am using Artizan, Foundry and ProGloria figures for these guys and I have a foundry unit to start with.
I have 3 units of Stradiots using the Perry figures. These are based with a mix of weapons as in P&S I can rate them with a missile number and a melee number so mixing them is more historical I feel as I doubt we had the 1st Royal Stradiot Lancers or the Royal Stradiot Mounted Crossbows :) Stradiots being very much light cavalry marauders would have been armed however they like.
Of course my other unit i have at the moment is the Swiss Guard- no Pope would leave home without them!
Here are some photos- i rebased the Warrior Pope and he now has a mounted flag bearer as well as 2 Swiss Guardsmen and his faithful hound whom he calls "Borgia".:) Note the Coat of arms which follows the conventions for Papal crests. It has the cross Keys which are St Peters symbols. the papal crown and the Heradlry of the Della Rovere family the golden oak on the blue field (Julius II's original name was Giuliano Della Rovere and this is his actually Papal symbol)

The flag

Landsknecht- painted by myself

Landsknecht Commander- painted by The Cardinal

Stradiots- painted by the Cardinal

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Warrior Pope Himself

Here are some piccies of the Warrior Pope himself......I have actually just rebased him and will take some new photos and post them.

And his Swiss Guard

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Resurrecting the blog

Ok so its been along time....but i thought i couldnt let this one slip where am I as far as Italian Wars goes....I have sold off a large chunk of my stuff that was really 1495-1505 and I have decided to expand now with later Italian Wars in mind so loads of Landsknecht and puffy I have ordered a unit of Progloria Landsknecht
When they come in I shall review them.
I have also just sent a unit of Artizans Swiss down to the good Cardinal for him to paint.

My plan is to collect a few Landsknecht and Swiss units and then some Spanish, French and Italian style pike later.

Some photos from a game at the club