Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Battle report

Played a game over at my mate Keith's last night.

We used Black Powder with my own amendments for the period.

Figures are all 28mm and mostly Foundry and Perry, majority painted by my old chum Cardinal Biggles , some painted by my friend Thoran Braune and the rest painted by me.

The year was 1507 and Pope Julius II has demanded that the Doge of Venice hand back the Romagnol lands that rightly belong to the Papal States.

In response Venice hires Niccolo di Pitigliano a talented Condottiero to raise an army and march south to meet the Papal enemy.

Julius himself dons armour and ably assisted by his nephew and professional soldier Francesco Maria I Della Rovere, Duke of Urbino, his Holiness leads his army to meet the hated Venetians.

The armies glare across at each other, Papal army on the left and Venetians on the right

The venetian commander orders the Halberds forward

In the middle the Venetian paid Landsknecht stride forward to take on their arch enemies the Swiss

As if to rub the Pope's nose in it the Venetians order the Romagnol Pikes forward, men recruited from the very lands under dispute!!
The venetian Battle line...the Romagnol are very distinctive in their red uniforms!

Enraged the Pope issues a "follow me "order to his Swiss guard and ctahc the Romagnol in the flank. the result wasnt pretty!

The result was a big Papal victory with all of the venetian Pike blocks routed or destroyed.

Great fun!!


  1. lovely mate, looking forward to a few games with you


  2. Wonderfull!! That´s a grand looking set up and two very colourfull armies.
    Paul follower function??? :-/

  3. I dont know how to turn on the Follower function! Its all new to me...thansk for the comments guys

  4. you just have to much about with the gadget things

  5. Great BATREP your Holiness!

    Not my period at all but I have to admit it all looks great on the table.