Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The battle of Milan 1522

We played a big Pike and Shotte game up at the club on Sunday.
I set up a semi historical scenario based on the battle of Bicocca.
The rules were fun and not a lot different to their parent Black Powder. I gave the pike a massive 8 stamina (that including their bonus for being a large unit) in the game just to make them last longer....i think back down to 6 next time....the Imperial/Papal right flank was smashed but on the left the Pope and his Swiss had seen off the French Royal Gendarmes and proceeded to smash up the French pike. In the middle the Swiss and the black Band had managed to come over the wall but were locked in bitter struggle with Frundsberg and his boys. The Pope called it a draw but truth be told i think the French/Venetians would have ground down the middle, just dont tell them that!
You can see some photos on my mate Thoran's blog http://northernsydneywargamesclub.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/battle-of-milan.html?showComment=1384242253726#c1297445644932294933

And here are some of my photos of the day! Apologies for the poor quality
The Pope watches over his flock....
The imperial/Papal line

The French and Venetians attack!

I wish this one was clearer...the Swiss lead the way for the French!

Great day!!