Thursday, October 3, 2013

Resurrecting the blog

Ok so its been along time....but i thought i couldnt let this one slip where am I as far as Italian Wars goes....I have sold off a large chunk of my stuff that was really 1495-1505 and I have decided to expand now with later Italian Wars in mind so loads of Landsknecht and puffy I have ordered a unit of Progloria Landsknecht
When they come in I shall review them.
I have also just sent a unit of Artizans Swiss down to the good Cardinal for him to paint.

My plan is to collect a few Landsknecht and Swiss units and then some Spanish, French and Italian style pike later.

Some photos from a game at the club


  1. Nice to see the blog resurrected - look forward to updates.

  2. Thanks for the support guys I shall endeavour to post something once a week or so.